Systematic treatment into natural energy thanks to Hybag technology

patented Hybag separating hammer mill

Patented Hybag separating hammer mill with integrated pneumatic pumping system

Oil reserves are decreasing; atomic energy is controversial, but at the same time the demand for energy is increasing all over the world. Accordingly the significance of natural energy produced from sun, wind, water, earth and biogas is increasing.

Our core competence includes the collection of organic waste and its mechanical conversion into biomass for energy recovery in biogas plants turning “waste into raw material”.

In Europe alone, 90 million tonnes of food go to the rubbish according to EU statistics. This amount corresponds to an energetic value of about 27,000 million litres of fuel oil. Organic waste is a natural and never-ending source of energy, which we can use to best effect applying modern technology.

Waste is power, is heat, is bio fertiliser:

Hybag machine technology can be used to process all organic waste of the food chain into pumpable and energetically valuable biomass – independent of whether packed, unpacked, raw, cooked, solid or liquid:

System Gastro

für Grossküchen
System BioGreenLine Gastro ist in der Küche integriert, sorgt für höchste Hygiene und schafft Ordnung und Effizienz in den Arbeitsabläufen. Alles geht schneller und reibungsloser. Ihre Platzverhältnisse und die Abfallmengen bestimmen die Dimensionen der geruchlosen Biotanks. Sie können sich inner- oder ausserhalb Ihres Küchenbereichs befinden.

System Industrie

für Lebensmittelhersteller mit Verarbeitungsabfällen
System BioGreenLine Industrie ist ein geschlossenes Erfassungssystem mit höchstem Hygienestandard und schnellem Arbeitsfluss ohne zusätzliche
Abläufe. Partner und Planer der Logistik und Hersteller des Systems BioGreenLine “Industrie” ist Verder Catag AG in Basel, eine Schweizer Firma mit weltweit führenden Spezialpumpen- und Anlagetechniken für die Verarbeitung diverser pumpfähiger Substrate.

Hybag System Tutto

for urban waste
Irrespective of whether you are dealing with catering waste, raw organic remains, faulty batches of industry, goods of major distributors with expired best-before dates, open and raw or packed in plastic, tins or cans, Hybag Tutto is the world-wide leading, tried and tested unpacking and processing system using custom-made tipping containers, bulk handling equipment and the patented separating hammer mill.

Hybag System Casa

for collection centres for bio-waste bags
Increasing collection of small and smallest quantities in conurbations is most effective in waste bags which we know from house garbage. Hybag Casa processes these bio-waste bags in container-sized collection centres and separates the processable biomass from packaging and foreign matter.

Hybag System Filtro

for screenings in sewage treatment plants
Screenings in sewage treatment plants contain foreign matter, which are separated and incinerated. Hybag Filtro reduces the incinerated volume and the costs by up to 90 per cent; passing the organic share to fermentation correspondingly increasing the gas yield and at the same time reducing the CO2 emissions.

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