System Industrie

for food manufacturers with processing waste

In food production, we find off-specification batches and, depending upon the type of food, production waste as well. As a rule, these are raw and unpacked.
Disposing of such waste has to be integrated in existing processes. The BioGreenLine system is therefore always customised.

Suitable for food production and packaging plants food manufacturers and food processing plants.

• Integrated in processes
• Easy handling
• Higher productivity

Suitable for all kind of fish-waste

… raw vegetables

… fruits


The BioGreenLine Industrie system is a closed collection system with the highest hygienic standard, a fast workflow and no extra waste.

All waste is shredded and cut by a state-of-the-art system and processed to form a biomass there and then. An integrated pump conveys the homogeneous biomass into a biotank, where it is stored until being suctioned. It has been shown that the costs of disposal can be reduced considerably.

HybagBiogreenline: Pioneering in engineering and in mechanical engineering for processing organic waste in bio mass.

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