System Gastro

for canteen kitchens

Leftovers and processing waste are collected right in the kitchen, flushed into a biotank with no emissions or odours and stored until suctioned. The highest hygienic standard is guaranteed. The arduous handling of waste bins is replaced by an automated and efficient process. If you serve a large number of meals, savings can go into double-digit percentages.

Suitable for large hotels, renowned restaurants, old people’s and nursing homes, hospitals and staff restaurants.

• Highest hygienic standard
• User-friendly
• No acquisition costs

… integrated in working process


The more meals you prepare and serve per day, the more biodegradable waste you have. The BioGreenLine Gastro system processes all biodegradable waste into one biomass there and then and at the highest hygienic level and conveys it into a closed and odour-tight biotank. Every 4 to 6 weeks, this homogeneous mass will be collected by a suction vehicle, fed into a biogas plant and thus re-fed into the biological cycle.
By employing the BioGreenLine Gastro system, you set standards for handling organic kitchen waste. You protect the environment and reduce your costs of disposal at the same time.

HybagBiogreenline: Pioneering in engineering and in mechanical engineering for processing organic waste in bio mass.

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